Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More pictures of Marfa

Tom also made a lot of photographs in Marfa, with his new digital SLR.  Here are some of them.

 This is Building 98, where the show of photographs about the Adobe Alliance is for the next three weeks.

 Building 98 has an interesting history.  It was the Bachelor Officer's Quarters for an army unit in the thirties and forties.  During WWII, some German prisoners of war were kept here, and they painted some murals about West Texas on the walls inside.

It's interesting to imagine how surprising the landscape of West Texas must have been to the average guy from, say, Bavaria.

 Below is a picture of Mona Garcia, the gallerist, and a board member of the International Woman's Foundation:

Here is the Arcon Inn, the bed and breakfast where we stayed, also owned by Mona Garcia:

It's conveniently located near the center of town, right behind the courthouse.  Speaking of which:

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